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Securely Connecting Remote Retail Office Locations

The Challenge

Thriving as part of a strong economy, a local mortgage broker undertook an expansion effort, growing to more than 35 retail locations in the New England. Through this growth, however, the company began to lose its ability to communicate securely and effectively between locations. For a business that relies on real-time access to internal information and systems as part of the lending process, this began to impact the overall efficiency of the business as a whole. For a growing company the ability to securely connect remote locations in an efficient manner became a significant challenge, as it required each location to possess in-depth IT knowledge and resources. The company had outgrown their IT department’s expertise.

The Solution

To address this challenge, the company’s IT department turned to Edge Velocity to install a range of fixed and wireless Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) routers, creating a dynamic and secure VPN solution. Capable of supporting real-time voice, video and data communications, the system created a simple and secure link to the WAN and between all of the company’s locations containing critical and confidential client information.


The Edge Velocity solution allowed the mortgage broker to implement an IP phone system across all 35 locations with distributed servers that enabled employees to access the network securely from any one location. This gave the company the opportunity to scale in the future by bringing online, new locations through the deployment of a single Edge Velocity switch, allowing continuous and secure communications inside and outside of the organization.