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Edge Velocity Edge Interlock™: Edge Velocity’s flagship product, Edge Interlock™ is proven and patented communication software that uniquely uses industry standard (RFC) protocols combined with proprietary data transmission and verification technology to give uninterrupted connectivity where other technologies fail. Edge Velocity software can be combined with most white box or bare metal industrial hardware to enable standards-based L2/L3 communication to previously ‘closed’ and exclusive systems. Edge Velocity is capable of integrating with any existing IP v4 or v6 platform or manufacturer by building or leveraging any REST gRPC GO API; adding functionality of full 64-bit Linux, containers and VMs supporting digital transformation, unlocking the IoT potential from legacy systems.

Edge Velocity’ patented technologies include true multi-mesh capabilities replicating full-duplex; data-path route optimization, transmission and validation of data and data paths prior to failover and a stateful persistence protocol for encrypted and secure communications at the network edge (failover and failback of VPN application resilience). These capabilities coupled with an agnostic approach to front-and back-haul options provides a turnkey gateway solution that instantly scales to 5G capabilities (wireless, wireline, satellite, fiber, legacy infrastructure) and provides intelligence at the edge of the network coupled with the uptime now required in today’s markets – 99.999% “always on availability regardless of environmental difficulty, bandwidth/data demand, or technological hurdles.

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