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Protecting Critical Infrastructure

The Challenge

A municipality on the US East Coast sought to provide a robust security solution capable of protecting the critical infrastructure related to a Nuclear Power facility in their town. A critical aspect of this solution was the desire to have real-time video surveillance capabilities across the entire township that were capable of monitoring activity and traffic in the surrounding areas. Several previous attempts had failed to achieve this goal due to the harsh geographic environment that made radio transmissions unreliable.

The Solution

Edge worked with the client to present an acceptable solution to all stakeholders including the local public forums and politicians. The solution involved Edge Velocity’s proprietary software and solutions being deployed to create a private mesh network, capable of securely transmitting real-time video surveillance from multiple locations to security and local law enforcement professionals.


Through the deployment of the Edge Velocity solution, the town was able to deploy a secure, mesh network that currently covers 95% of the town’s footprint and is capable of transmitting real-time video surveillance from nearly any location back to a central location where it can be monitored by authorities. Today, the plant and the town continue to operate as one, confident that the critical infrastructure in place is protected by state-of-the-art surveillance technology. Additionally, through the positive results of this deployment local law enforcement agencies have already identified several other opportunities where the Edge Velocity system can provide additional levels of protection for the broader community at-large.